Head Gosstandarta: And whether there will be an advantage of the accession to WTO?

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the Accession to WTO does not constitute danger for Belarus, however it is necessary "to think seriously" of pluses and minuses of this step, the chairman of the State committee on standardization Victor Nazarenko declared to journalists on Wednesday in Minsk.

" Belarus goes on the way of the accession to WTO. If to speak about the legislation in the field of technical regulation, everything it conforms to requirements of WTO. We work within this legislation, and we have today no difficulties and fears", - told Victor Nazarenko.

"Another thing is that the organization of WTO (. . ) causes many questions as far as there it is necessary to hurry. Because it is very heavy to estimate pluses and minuses", - he noticed.

"If today world powers in spite of the fact that all are members of WTO, enter unilateral measures, close the markets, there is big and rather disturbing question "That such WTO? ", and for what was to enter this club if the head of one or other country can cross out all arrangements", - the chairman Gosstandarta continued.
"My point of view - no danger is present

Victor Nazarenko
Last position: Member of Board (Minister) of technical regulation (YEEK)