Here to you and Pittsburgh: in Verkhny Ufaley again reductions

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Here to you and Pittsburgh: in the Top Ufaley again reductions
But pipes do not smoke any more

In Head department on work and population employment Chelyabinsk region reported about new reductions at the enterprises Verkhny Ufaley.

As the correspondent reports to

RIA "New Day" , soon without work there are 335 more inhabitants of the monotown. The head of department Smirnov Wladyslaw.

"Plan release of 200 people from "Uralelement" in connection with the termination large , – the official reported. – Also till November 9 "JSC "Ufaleynikel"" will reduce 135 more people. In the city unemployment in 10,5% is noted. It is a lot of".

the Main problem of the sphere of employment Verkhny Ufaley – a lack of constant workplaces, were noted by Mr. Smirnov Wladyslaw. So, the expected new for the defensive enterprise "Uralelement" will allow to occupy in addition 300 people. However nobody guarantees that, having executed , these people remain at plant.

we Will remind

, during a yesterday's press conference the governor Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky declared that in Verkhny Ufaley "there is an opportunity to create Pittsburgh": "Metallurgy from there already left, unemployment of 11%, and we are in a situation when it is necessary to create in Verkhny Ufaley Pittsburgh", – the head of the region told.

we Will note

that now the main spheres of economy of Pittsburgh are the medicine, , financial and . In the city 7 universities, and also widely known the museum of natural history of Carnegie and the museum Uorkhol Andy work. How into the similar economic and educational center will turn Verkhny Ufaley, while difficult to predict.

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