On the eve of the second round of elections Marine Le Pen visited a cathedral in Reims where the French monarchs were crowned

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Paris. May 5. INTERFAX - Candidates for a post President of the Republic of France Marine Le Pen and Emanuel Makron use the last opportunity to affect voters in anticipation of the second round of presidential election, report the French mass media.

Within the last day of propaganda campaign the candidate from "National Front" Party Marine Le Pen arrived to Reims where visited a cathedral in which throughout one thousand years 33 French monarchs were crowned. However at an entrance to Reims Cathedral the group of the dissatisfied catcalled it.

"Supporters of the Macron behave aggressively everywhere, even at a cathedral in Reims which is a sacred place", - wrote Marine Le Pen in the Twitter.

In turn the candidate from movement "Forward! " Emanuel Makron in the last propaganda day went to the French city of Rodez where he planned visit of a cathedral of the Assumption of the Mother of God.

On Saturday to France there will come "day of silence" during which any propaganda is forbidden.
the Second round of presidential election will take place br on May 7.

Emanuel Zhan-Mishel Frederick Makron (Emmanuel Macron)
Last position: President of the Republic France (President of the Republic of France)
Marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen)
Last position: Deputy of the constituency of department of Strait of Dover (National assembly France)
"National Front"
Political ideology:Social conservatism, anti-globalism, Euroscepticism, protectionism.