Nationalists threatened Petro Poroshenko: Everything only begins

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B Kiev in so-called "March of national advantage" take part about 10 thousand people. Participants went a column from square of Independence to Administration of the President of the country Petro Poroshenko and passed it as a symbolical gift huge candy and the train ticket to Lipetsk with open date. About it reports information agency "ITAR-TASS" .

"Today we want to pass to the president the most expensive candy which price three years of war, thousands human lives, three years of work of factory of a name of Pyotr Alekseevich", - were cried out in a loudspeaker by participants, and also Petro Poroshenko "Wished Sladky Drive through Ukraine", "Happy journey" and "Good luck".

Then procession with the slogan "Everything Only Begins" The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine proceeded in the direction to the building. According to organizers of an action among whom such Ukrainian right-radical organizations as the Svoboda party, forbidden in Russian Federation Partiya "Pravy sektor", created on the basis of the civil case of "Azov" "National case", the Ukrainian authorities in three years of anything it was not made to improve life of Ukrainians.

Having reached Rada walls, participants began to burn down fusees and smoke grenades. The holding a meeting addressed the Freedom party leader Oleg Tyagnibok, the representative of "The right sector" Tarasenko Andrey and the head "National case" Biletsky Andrey who demanded from the authorities to legalize trade blockade Donets Basin, to break off diplomatic and trade relations with Russian Federation, to forbid privatization of the strategic enterprises, to raise pensions and to lower tariffs.

It is noted by p that in connection with action the center Kiev is blocked and is under the strengthened protection of 300 police officers. Also around holding an action ambulance cars and firefighters are on duty.

Petro Poroshenko
Last position: Chairman of the party ("Solidarity")
Andrey Ivanovich Tarasenko
Last position: Chairman of All-Ukrainian liberation movement "The right sector"
Andrey Biletsky
Last position: Commander of the regiment "Azov" (National guard of Ukraine)
Oleg Tyagnibok
Last position: Chairman (All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom")
"Right Sector"
Political ideology:Ukrainian nationalism, right extremism, Euroscepticism.