Alexander Uss is admitted to the European academy of Sciences and arts

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<= title "" = "Alexander Uss" hspace = "10" vspace = "10" border = "0" align = "right" alt = "Alexander Uss" width = "400" height = "266"/> the Speaker of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Krai Alexander Uss is admitted by img src to the European academy of Sciences and arts. Inauguration of new members took place the other day in the Austrian Salzburg.

Alexander Uss received the corresponding certificate together with 120 new members of academy – it was given the status of active membership on the class "social sciences, right and economy". It is not so simple to get to an asset of this organization – it is necessary to achieve essential heights in the scientific sphere. Candidates select from the point of view of value and the importance of their research and public achievements. we Will remind p to

that besides political and legislative activity of Uss actively conducts scientific work – is the doctor of jurisprudence, professor and the honored lawyer of Russia. Deals with issues of jurisprudence, federalism and regional policy with emphasis on development of the Siberian territories. He devoted to this subject some books, scientific works and publications in the federal and regional press.

Also Alexander Uss since 1998 is the active participant of the Russian delegation in the Congress of the local and regional authorities of the Council of Europe.

the European academy of Sciences and arts is founded in 1990 by the outstanding cardiologist Felix Unger, the archbishop of Vienna cardinal Franz Kenig, the philosopher and the political scientist Nikolaus Lobkowiz. Today the community unites more than 1,7 thousand the best scientists and artists who address to actual for Europe and the world to questions in the form of various colloquiums and publications. Among members of academy of 29 Nobel winners. The academy is financed by the European Union, the government of Austria, public institutions and private sponsors, remaining ideologically and politically independent.

of Alexander Uss about the election in the European academy of Sciences and arts:

A. V. Uss.Jpg – the election I estimate b at all as result of my scientific merits: I pursue science recently, unfortunately, much less, than in youth. Mainly it is an assessment of that in Europe noticed the Siberian federal university, its dynamics, its potential.

the academy, first of all, gives the chance to p of direct contacts through the network structure with the most known representatives of those sciences and disciplines who are its part. There is a set of informal communications, channels and separate projects in which it is possible to participate. For example, the main project – attempt to create an image of the future for Europe that is extremely important and actual from positions of that there today too there is a set of the difficulties mainly connected with an uncontrollable stream of migration and political changes following from here.

Unlike our country, in Europe just the academic environment has real practical impact on decisions which there are made. Therefore I believe that the project so-called "the following Europe" will create an applied image of the future and those actions which will be undertaken by politicians of the European countries. In this sense at us is to that to learn and, maybe, is to that them to teach. Let's hope for expansion of economic, scientific cooperation and increase in intensity of exchanges between SFU and the relevant educational structures of Europe.