Tatyana Kravchenko was seriously in love with Fedor Dobronravov

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Tatyana Kravchenko and Fedor Dobronravov many years played spouses in comedy series "Matchmakers". The actress admitted the Destiny of the Person with <4> Boris Korchevnikov program on TV channel "Rossiya" that at some instant really like tender feelings to the partner in a set. "You somehow whispered to me that you were rather in love with Fedor Dobronravov", – Boris Korchevnikov remembered. Tatyana Kravchenko does not deny this fact. "Yes, on third "Matchmakers". But, thank God, Fedor Dobronravov it was in love with the wife and with the family. I, of course, in vain somewhere blurted out it, and all this went, went... And...
Boris Korchevnikov
Last position: CEO, general producer (LLC "SPAS TV")
Tatyana Kravchenko
Last position: Actress (State budget cultural institution of the Moscow city "Moscow city State theater "Lenkom")
Fyodor Dobronravov
Last position: Actor, director (State budget cultural institution of the Moscow city "Moskovsky akademichesky theater satiry")
Leonov Andrey