Sonic Superstars — new game about Sonik with cooperative] is announce

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SEGA announced Sonic Superstars. It is new game about Sonik in 2D - a format which sometimes to pass in 2,5D. In many respects taytl precisely it will be pleasant to fans of old games about a hedgehog, but game will be estimated also also by beginners. Sonic Superstars will offer a vigorous gameplay, colourful locations and, attention, cooperative to four people. Among igrabelny characters: Sonik, Amy, Teylz and Naklz. Game comes in the fall to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S X/S and Nintendo Switch...
PlayStation 4
Manufactured by:SIE
PlayStation 5
Manufactured by:SIE
Xbox One
Manufactured by:Microsoft
Manufactured by:Microsoft