"Independent noncommercial organization "Handball club "Chekhovskiye medvedi"" won SEHA tournament bronze — Gazprom League

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The Perm team lost chances of a victory in the first time On Thursday in Saint Petersburg passed final matches of the Final of four international SEHA tournaments — Gazprom League. "Independent noncommercial organization "Handball club "Chekhovskiye medvedi"" met "The Perm bears" in a match for the third place. The team situated near Moscow was adjusted resolutely, and here at rivals of motivation was not. Already in the first time advantage of chekhovets was overwhelming. It came to the end with the score 23:10 in their advantage. Such handicap cannot almost be won back also residents of Perm though won the second half with advantage in three balls, but to expect to win...
Eugenie Dzemin
Last position: The professional athlete on handball (Independent noncommercial organization "Handball club "Chekhovskiye medvedi")
Yermakov Alexander
Demin Ilya
Kulak Artem
Maksimov Vladimir