on roads Moscow Region estimated Stoppers at 4 points in the evening on June 7

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Mintrans warns about four-point stoppers on roads Moscow Region in the evening on June 7. The main jams are observed at congresses from MKAD towards area, and also on Volokolamsk, Ruble Uspenskom, New Riga, Mozhaysk, New Ryazan, Nosovikhinsky, Gorky, Shchelkovo and Yaroslavskoye Highway. Drivers ask to be especially attentive because of rains. It is necessary to observe a high-speed mode, to avoid sharp maneuvers, and also to reduce speed before crosswalks. Transport movement on the second site of the route M-12 "Moscow — Kazan" will open in Moscow Region in September. It declared...
Andrey Vorobyev
Last position: Governor (Government of the Moscow region)
Government Agency