The 77-year-old pensioner from Vytegra district made a speech at show "You super! 60+"

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Ignakhin Vasilii Ivanovich won the heart Irina Dubtsova, and Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha admitted that he wants to equal on such actors the First summer release of the third season of the international vocal project "You super! 60%2B" (16%2B) the pensioner from Devyatina's village opened Vytegra district Ignakhin Vasilii Ivanovich. to Ignakhin Vasilii Ivanovich 77 years, he sings from a school bench. All life worked in culture — was the director of local Culture center, the art director, the accompanist. And now any concert in the native village does not do without Ignakhin Vasilii Ivanovich. Ignakhin Vasilii Ivanovich grew up in a big family where there were 8 children...
Irina Dubtsova
Last position: Singer, composer
Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha (Stanislas Pyekha )
Last position: Singer, poet, poet-song writer, stylist-hairdresser, actor, TV host
Ignakhin Vasilii Ivanovich
Culture center