ADULTS AND CHILDREN SING IN UNISON. TV channel "Pervy kanal" will show a concert in honor of International Children's Day

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On Saturday, June 3, on TV channel "Pervy kanal" display of the festive program in honor of International Children's Day will take place. On the stage of Crocus City Hall will step both adult actors, and little musicians. The concert took place in 2021 and was dated for the 30 anniversary of Neposedy group. TV channel "Pervy kanal" will repeat display of the television version of the annual big concert program "Adults and Children". In air of the First on Saturday, June 3, there is a festive evening which passed in the spring 2021 in Crocus City Hall. Then annual action was dated for the 30 anniversary of the Neposedy theater studio, noting anniversary in 2021. Together with...
Oleg Gazmanov
Last position: Singer, composer
Philipp Bedrosovich Kirkorov
Last position: Singer, musical producer, composer
Sergei Lazarev
Last position: Singer, actor, TV host
Stanislas Pyatrasovich Pyekha (Stanislas Pyekha )
Last position: Singer, poet, poet-song writer, stylist-hairdresser, actor, TV host
Larissa Dolina
Last position: Manager of chair of variety and jazz singing (MOSCOW CITY GOSUDARSTVENNY HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION KULTURY)