Mikhail Fedosovsky and development its companies Diakont

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Approximate time of reading: 4 minutes Company Diakont is well-known in the international technological market. Its structure includes representations United States of America and Europe and hi-tech manufacturing enterprise Italy. Production of companies buy in Europe, North America and South America, to Southeast Asia. History of success of the founder of Diakont Mikhail Fedosovsky — a striking example of a way of the scientist who has managed fully to realize the scientific potential in business and to create unique model of production, Industries answering to standards 4.0. The first steps the History of companies began Diakont in 1990...
Mikhail Fedosovsky
Last position: CEO (Group of companies "Diakont")
Ostapchuk Helena
Main activity:Production of consumer goods
Westinghouse Electric
Main activity:Communication and IT
Main activity:Communication and IT
Main activity:Instrument making