AAA-game according to "John Wyk"] is confirme

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Confirmation of game and the movie "Uik John 5" sounded during the financial report of Lions Gate Entertainment COR for the 4th quarter 2023. The chairman of Motion Picture Group Dreyk Joe told about plans for creation of the new media connected with "John Wyk". "Now we develop this franchize, not only in space AAA-videoigr, but also we look at what will be regular sequence of backs-offov. The television really develops this Universe that there was a steady sequence of franchizes which tempts obvious appetite at audience. It is officially known that as you know, "Ballerina" – the first backs-off...
Uik John
Dreyk Joe
PlayStation 5
Manufactured by:SIE
PlayStation 4
Manufactured by:SIE
Xbox One
Manufactured by:Microsoft
Manufactured by:Microsoft