Turbomotor of V6 380 h.p., 8-staged "machine gun" and full drive. The official dealer started selling in Russian Federation Genesis G90 2023 – analog of Audi A8 and BMW 7 series

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Dealer holding "Boriskhof" started selling in Russian Federation a premium sedans of Genesis G90 of new generation. Car is presented by two versions: usual (length of 5275 mm, wheel base – 3180 mm) and extended (length of 5465 mm, wheel base – 3370 mm). Prices, respectively, 17,1 and 19,95 million rubles. As the speech about top model a premium brand, and equipment corresponding: 10 pillows of safety, system monitorings blind zones, three-zonal climate control, adaptive cruise control, ventilation of forward seats, heating of all seats, pneumatic suspension bracket, etc. Equipment at Genesis G90 at level...