Martines Emiliano: "It is ready to go for fall of salaries if Lionel Messi passes into Football club "Aston Villa"

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The goalkeeper Football club "Aston Villa" and combined Argentina Martines Emiliano invited in the club of the forward of "PSG" and the partner in a national team Lionel Messi. "If Leo catcall, I would invite him in Football club "Aston Villa". I will entice it the mat, every weekend I will cook for it roast. I will ask people to make for it small tags, and it will perfectly spend time. I will agree on fall of salaries for the sake of Lionel Messi if it is necessary" — Martines Emiliano sport TV channel "ESPN" quote. The existing contract Lionel Messi with "PSG" is calculated until the end of the current season. The most probable options of continuation of career...
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