Cargill Closed joint stock company Animal Nutrition to Brazil opens production mineral additives

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This month construction new plant of Cargill Closed joint stock company on production mineral additives worth 100 million reals (20 million dollars) in Primavera-du-Leste, staff to Grosu Matu, Brazil will begin Animal Nutrition. Construction has to be complete by the end of 2024. "The new enterprise will help to increase our share in the market of mineral additives of a free choice to Brazil", - the head of Cargill Closed joint stock company told Animal Nutrition Markon Adriano on IPPE 2023 in January. The plant will make generally mineral additives for cattle which is grown up on pastures. On IPPE Markon Adriano also...
Grosu Matu
Markon Adriano
Cargill, Inc
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