"Time is suspicious": listen to an inclusive album of the Orchestra Here Nearby

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It is musical experiment in which people with frustration of an autistichesky range and neurotypical musicians took part. The basis of compositions was formed by courageous improvisations with a psaltery and a melodics, accurate rhythms of percussion, modulations of a flute and synthesizers. Over an album musicians Semenov Nikita, Mitrofanov Mark, Litvinenko Igor, Iosif Buzian and Shustina Nina and the art director of an orchestra Sasha Zender — as the conductor and the sound producer worked. The quote Kharitonov Anton, the hero of the movie Lyubov Arkus "Kharitonov Anton here nearby" became the name of release. "The album "time is suspicious" was given rise on rehearsals...
Lyubov Arkus
Last position: Editor-in-chief of Seans publishing house
Varvara Shmykova
Last position: Actress of theater and cinema
Semenov Nikita
Mitrofanov Mark
Litvinenko Igor