Everything begins with a family

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The family — is a society basis. In a family life of each person begins. And not incidentally in a calendar there was such date, as the International day of a family. On the eve of date in Sokurskaya to rural library all issued a book exhibition "Begins with a family" near which the librarian Foksha Natalia led oznakomimtelny discussion for visitors of libraries. At exhibition works are presented: Pushkina Alexandra, Aksakov Sergei, Tolstoy Leo, Turgenev Yvan, Kuprina Alexandra, Shmelev Yvan, Voronova Maria, Metlitskaya Maria, Natalia Nesterov. Traditions are reflected in these works and...
Foksha Natalia
Pushkina Alexandra
Aksakov Sergei
Tolstoy Leo
Department for culture