How to assemble the first-aid kit in holiday

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Many inhabitants gather in the summer in holiday and take with itself the first-aid kit. How it is correct to assemble the first-aid kit and what drugs to take with itself, in dialogue from TV channel "RT" the director of national scientific organization of infectiologists Denise Usenko told. – The basic to what it is necessary to be ready on holiday, are enteric infections, sharp respiratory infections, an overheat and small injuries, – declared to Denise Usenko. In the first-aid kit, according to the expert, it is very important to put preparations which fight against bacteria and microbes. – Also at the first-aid kit there have to be febrifugal, local antiseptics, vasoconstrictive and isotonic...
Denise Usenko
Last position: Leading researcher of clinical department of infectious pathology (Federal state-financed institution of science Central Research Institute Epidemiologii Rospotrebnadzora)
Kulikov Sergei