What attractions will update in Istorichesky Boulevard in Sevastopol

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One of visual dominants of the city, a big wheel in Istorichesky Boulevard, morally obsolete. Such is a position of the director Museums defenses Sevastopol Mikhail Smorodkin. In March from an attraction dismantled part of booths. But these works appeared only preparation of an amusement park for a new season. About destiny of a big wheel — the reporting Smirnov Oleg. Even in the updated look they remind of the past. Big wheel cabins in Istorichesky Boulevard prepare for a season. In May again will earn the amusement park created on this place in the 1960th years. The Soviet children shook here on boats...
Smirnov Oleg
Kuptsov Mikhail
Sinchenko Kirill
Popov Alexander