"Tottenham" wants in trainers Zinedin Yazid Zidan, Mauricio Roberto Pochettino Trossero and Enrique

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London "Tottenham Hotspur" after resignations the head coach Antonio Konte began searches of his successor. Insiders say that "spurs" try to guide bridges with Zinedin Yazid Zidan and Louis Enrique Martines Garsiya. Resignation Antonio Konte fell on a time of parting of Munich "Bavaria" with Julian Nagelsman and a number of experts assumed that the German expert will call to "Tottenham". Insiders reported that contact took place but while no oncoming traffic is present. Meanwhile the authoritative Sky Sport edition reports that owners "Hotspur" addressed to the Frenchman Zinedin Yazid Zidan and to the Spaniard Louis Enrique Martines Garsiya. Zinedin Yazid Zidan...