Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of Pribaikalye: nadshlamovy waters in cards stores of waste of JSC "BTSBK" at safe level

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The Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the region Svetlana Trofimov declared that nadshlamovy waters JSC "BTSBK" are in cards stores of waste at safe level and with a stock for reception of thawed and rain snow therefore in 2023 it is not planned to lower it. As reports information agency "ITAR-TASS", the minister noted that practically on all cards the stock on level of the nadshlamovy waters demanded by Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision, more than 50 centimeters that is enough for reception of volumes of rain and thawed snow in 2023 is provided. Svetlana Trofimov also told that in 2020-2022 from stores pumped out...
Svetlana Trofimov
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Irkutsk region)
State corporation "Rosatom"
Main activity:Production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water
Main activity:Processing of secondary raw materials