A photo "Bavaria" at Nagelsman gathered on the average 2,19 points for a match of Soccer championship of Germany (Bundesliga) – was only at 3 trainers] mor

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Julian Nagelsman – one of the most successful trainers of "Bavaria" on average of points in matches of Soccer championship of Germany (Bundesliga). At it the team on the average gathered 2,19 points for game. It is the fourth result in the history of the Munich club. Khosep Gvardiola-i-Sala – 2,52Khans-Flik Diter – 2,45Karlo – 2,38Yulian Nagelsman – 2,19Niko Niko Kovach – 2,18 News on a subject Nagelsman interested Carlo Ancelotti 6 Best team Germany – the author of the strangest trainer's dismissals a season. But round it the mass of intrigues...