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The Acer Electrobicycle with Artificial intelligence, car Porsche with a special coloring and other shots of this week — in "Avtopilot's" photo gallery. Ginnes's book confirmed officially establishment of a new record: the 64-year-old Italian Bonya Valerio gathered speed more than 80 km/h on the skis, towed by the Cupra Born electric car. Bonya Valerio broke the previous record of the American Roner Eric honor on 8 km/h of the Photo: Cupra the Excursion bus on Senate Square, Saint Petersburg the Photo: newspaper "Kommersant" / Petrosyan Alexander / to buy a photo Skoda Holding a.s. suggested the clients to compare two cars: Fabia...
Bonya Valerio
Roner Eric
Petrosyan Alexander
Dzhafarov Emin
Malinkin Dimitri
Acer Inc
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Skoda Holding
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Porsche Automobil Holding SE
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