Mats Arne Ulof Vilander: while Novak Dzhokovich continues to play, he will take kaminimum one TBSh in a year

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The sevenfold winner of Grand Slam tournaments Mats Arne Ulof Vilander commented on words of the Serbian Novak Dzhokovich, TV channel "CNN" that in process of approach of the end of career by the main priority for it there is a longevity and Grand Slam tournaments. The legendary Swedish tennis player also spoke a rivalry role with Rodger Federer and Raphael Nadal Parera in progress of the 22-fold champion of majors. "I think that now Novak Dzhokovich plays percentage game. I think that the sense of words about longevity is that it will win still from two to five titles of "Grand Slam" because...