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Reorganization of the Russian economy under new conditions negatively affected financial results of many companies. Analysts do not exclude decrease in dividends, besides that at many companies dividend profitability can exceed 10%. In the conditions of decrease in deposit rates interest to actions of companies with steadily high payments will grow. Photo: Korotaev Dimitri, newspaper "Kommersant" Events of 2022 left a noticeable trace in financial performance of the Russian companies. However consequences were not so considerable as many assumed in the first quarter of the past year. By estimates of the director...
Kirill Tachennikov
Main activity:Analyst
Edouard Kharin
Last position: Portfolio managing director (LLC management company "Alfa-Kapital")
Korotaev Dimitri
Puchkarev Dimitri
Mikhaylova Anna
PJSC Moscow Exchange
Main activity:Printing services
Bank of Russia
Main activity:Insurance
PJSC Sberbank of Russia
Main activity:Finance
PJSC Gazprom
Main activity:Production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water
Manufactured by:PJSC Rosneft