"Tottenham" wants to receive for Gary Edward Keyn 100 million pounds one tranche

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The London "Tottenham" will sell the captain of the national team England attacking Gary Edward Keyn, only if for it pay 100 million pounds one tranche. According to daily newspaper "The Times", the management of "spurs" hopes that the laid-down conditions will frighten off Football club "Manchester United" who is interested long ago in transition of the 29-year-old player. Also the Madrid "Real" and "Bavaria" apply for Gary Edward Keyn. The chairman of the board of "Tottenham" Deniel Philip Levi considers that the club is not obliged to sell Gary Edward Keyn even if it will not prolong with "spurs" contract, operating till summer of 2024. Subscribe for the MK-Sport channel LLC "MK-Sport" in Telegram Messenger (resurs narushaet zakon RF) and receive...