Working week in Irkutsk Region is expected snow

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According to regional Hydrometeorological center, since March 20 in Irkutsk Region the wind will amplify. At night to 15-20 m/s, in the afternoon to 17-22 m/s. Also blizzards, on roads a snow setup and ice are expected a sleet, in mountains heavy snow. The press service of Head department of Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and the Relief of Natural Disasters on the Irkutsk region. On area temperature will be-4,-9 degrees at night. In places will reach-14,-19 degrees. In northern areas there will be-16,-21 degree, places to-31. Will a little become warmer in the afternoon, %2B1,-4 degrees, places-9,-14. In Irkutsk at night temperature will fall to-7 degrees, will be %2B1 in the afternoon. Experts warn...