Pilaf in a sleeve in an oven. With such approach it turns out in 40 minutes: it is possible to do though every day

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Each owner of a cauldron respecting has the recipe of pilaf, but not always it is convenient to use it on home cuisine. We will prepare tasty and friable pilaf at all without special ware, using only an oven and a sleeve for roasting. Ingredients: Chicken hip – 700 gr. Onions – 1 piece. Carrots – 1 piece. Garlic – 2 heads Seasoning for pilaf – 2-3 ch.l. Vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon. Rice pro-soared – 1,5 glasses Water – 400 ml Salt – to taste Black pepper – to taste 1. In a soup plate we mix with part of all spices and the garlic passed through a press cut by straws...
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