Miodrag Bozhovich: "If Guillermo Abaskal Peres remains, to "Spartak" on forces next year will compete with "Zenith"

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However red-white it is necessary to strengthen structure. The former trainer of "Dynamo" and "Locomotive" Miodrag Bozhovich spoke prospects of work Guillermo Abaskal Peres on a post of the head coach of "Spartak". "The first that has to make "Spartak" — obligatory to leave Guillermo Abaskal Peres for long time. They almost each half a year changed trainers, this most weak spot of "Spartak". If there is Guillermo Abaskal Peres, to "Spartak" will precisely compete on forces next year with "Zenith". But still good strengthening of structure, certainly is necessary. Where exactly they need to amplify? Guillermo Abaskal Peres would tell that everywhere, very ha. Main thing, that...
Guillermo Abaskal Peres (Guillermo Abaskal)
Last position: Head coach (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "FC "SPARTAK-MOSKVA")
Miodrag Bozhovich
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