Gatagov about own team in MFL-3: "We want and we will pull according to the demand, according to requirements, but here the decision behind league. If we do not get, we will prepare for other tournaments"
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"We talked to Nikolay [Osipov]. Conversation was very weighed, rational and open. If you come into league, it has requirements in relation to teams. As a whole, I heard requirements and we will pull them, but thus it is necessary to understand that the term of signing contracts both the partner and the term of the final announcement of teams have day per day. I will tell so that we want, we will pull both according to the demand, and according to requirements. But here the decision behind league. If these two slots finally remain free and "our Guys" with Hardcore minusuyutsya, we, most likely, come. We wait, from ourselves we are ready...
Mayami Oleg
Novikov Alexandra
Korobov Grigory
Petrovsky Anton