Meningitis at children: whether the cap will rescue from an infection
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09.01.2023 On symptoms meningitis is similar to cold or flu, but is thus very dangerous to kids. The account can go for hours. How to notice the wrong. As there is an infection Symptoms and signs How to recognize Simple tests Possible treatment of the Precautionary measure the Inoculation "Do not go without cap — you will get meningitis! " — we often speak to the child. Though direct link here is not present, but indirect exists: catch meningitis, as cold at which not the last role is played by local overcooling. Than the child is younger — the risk is higher. As there is an infection In the middle of winter and prior to the beginning of spring...
Zaprudnov A. M.
Grigoryev K. I.
Baranov A. A.
Namazov L. S.
Tatochenko V. K.