ChVK "Wagner" will increase by May number of fighters by 30 thousand

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information agency "RIA Novosti" To the middle of May the number of fighters of ChVK "Wagner" can grow by 30 thousand people. The founder of the private military companies Eugenie Prigozhin reported about it in Telegram the press service. "To the middle of May we plan that the number of fighters in divisions will increase approximately by 30 thousand" — Eugenie Prigozhin told. He noted unexpected result: on the average ChVK "Wagner" takes 500–800 people a day. But happens that the number of volunteers increases to 1200. Eugenie Prigozhin paid attention that if earlier the share of well trained fighters made about a third of total number...
Eugenie Prigozhin
Last position: CEO (LLC "Konkord Management i Consulting")