At exhibition MITT 2023 Republic of Khakassia gained the diploma and the memorable sign "Bright Debut of the Region Russian Federation"

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Today final day of one of the main tourist events of year - the International exhibitions tourism and the industries of hospitality of MITT 2023. At a ceremony of rewarding Republic of Khakassia handed over a valuable award: diploma and memorable sign "Bright Debut of the Region Russian Federation". "Our republic for the first time participates in this to exhibition. The exposition of the stand is presented in brand stylistics "Republic of Khakassia. The earth of five elements" with the symbolical name "In the wake of Ancestors" reflecting rich historical and cultural heritage of our region", - wrote the deputy head of RH Julia Ismagilova at itself on the page to social networks. According to the director...
Julia Ismagilova
Last position: Representative (Permanent mission of the Republic of Khakassia)
Chernyshov Artem