Nicholas Fomenko: Kulibin Yvan from "Penultimate instance" – the Russian version Q from James Bond

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The second season of series "Penultimate Instance" (16%2B) comes to TNT on March 20. It is history about Management on distribution of souls. The main characters with their affairs regularly are helped by Kulibin Yvan. It regularly delivers various gadgets, and its fixed idea — "to make Russian car the best in the world": only then, by words Kulibin Yvan, it at last will be able to leave on rest. The great inventor in series was played by Nicholas Fomenko. In interview of information agency "IrkutskMedia" the actor told, what gadget does not suffice to him in the real life, what dish he likes to cook and why his hero it is similar to the character from" Bond James...
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