"Yandeks.Yeda" will deliver to Ultima orders in art boxes which were created by artists and Neural networks

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"Ultima Yandeks.Yeda" continues a series of projects with the Russian artists. To approach of spring service let out new boxes in which delivers food. The design for them was developed the artist Pavlova Catherina and the prompt-engineer Pavlov Nikita with help by Artificial intelligence. Already the second project "Ultima Yandeks.Yeda" with artists, and the first of them service started it last December. Then Pavel Peppershteyn created drawings for inserts in orders. For the new project Pavlova Catherina and Pavlov Nikita with help Neural networks created hundreds images on a chef cuisine, and then chose from them the best...
Pavel Peppershteyn
Last position: Artist (Art group inspection "Meditsinskaya germenevtika")
Pavlova Catherina
Pavlov Nikita