Artemy Panarin told about adaptation Vladimir Tarasenko in "Reyndzhers"

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In a today's match of "sinerubashechnik" with "Philadelphia" the Russian gathered three points. the 31-year-old Russian forward Hockey club "New York Reyndzhers" Artemy Panarin told New York about how in team the 31-year-old forward Vladimir Tarasenko feels. On February 9 the Russian as a result of an exchange passed from Hockey club "Sent-Luis Blyuz" into "Reyndzhers". "Earlier he did not feel rather surely, worried about the game. He wanted to prove to be from the best party in each match therefore this evening I am glad for it. It very much helped us" — Artemy Panarin for told. On March 2 Hockey club "New York Reyndzhers" changed New York...