The plastic surgeon made a rating of the most handsome men

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Moscow, 27 January — Federal state unitary enterprise RAMI "RIA Novosti". Star of the first season "Bridzhertonov" Rege Page is called one of the most handsome men, writes People with reference to the plastic surgeon from London De Silva Julian. That defined that the face of the actor for 93,65 percent corresponds to the principle of "a golden ratio of beauty". 1 of 4 Actor Christopher Hemsworth 2 of 4 Actor Michael Bakari Dzhordan on a movie "451 degrees Fahrenheit" photoshoot within the 71st Cannes international film festival. 3 of 4 Gary Edward Staylz speaks at the show NBC Today on Rockefeller Plaza on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, in New York as 4 of 4 Halfback combined England...