Alexander Vuchich: Serbia was under West blow because of the conflict in Ukraine

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The president Alexander Vuchich declared Serbia became the reason of enormous pressure of the West to Serbia. His words are transferred by information agency "ITAR-TASS". "If attentively to look for the last some months, after the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict it became one of the biggest problems, trust or not, for Serbia" — Alexander Vuchich told. The main reason of it the president of the republic called that Serbia is "at all on a look" because of refusal to enter sanctions against Russian Federation and because of the continuous incidents caused by a mode of the prime minister partially recognized Kosovo...
Alexander Vuchich
Last position: President of the Republic Serbia (President of Republic Serbia)
Albin Kurti
Last position: Acting as Prime minister (Government Republic of Kosovo)
Serbian progressive party
Political ideology:National conservatism, populism, panjevropeizm