Cars turned into icicles on an underground parking in Moscow

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Who will be responsible for the present ice age which came in one of covered parkings, now understand the capital. After break of a pipe and small difference of temperatures of the car there turned into the real blocks. They completely are covered now with a thick crust of ice. And, as managed to find out our correspondent Kravtsova Marina, such situation becomes norm, than casual municipal state of emergency rather. Car in thick ice glaze – and it on an underground parking of an elite housing estate. Here as if in the fantastic wood, residents complain: never you know where traps...
Maxime Aleksandrovich Rakitin
Last position: CEO (LLC "GUDVIN EXPRESS")
Konstantin Krokhin
Last position: Chairman of the board (Non-commercial partnership "Zhilishchny Soyuz")
Shults Youri
Kravtsova Marina
Vorobyev Vasilii
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Government Agency