"I feel a certain cold": Anastasia Reshetova explained how her son after communication with Timati] change

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Anastasia Reshetova popularity thanks to the relations with Timati received, which real name Timati. Couple was together six years, however did not issue the union. The model told that is grateful to the rapper for years of joint life. In these relations the boy whom named Ratmir was born. NEWS 10:15, 20.01.2023 It became known whom the 47-year-old widow Abdulova Alexandra Meshina Julia provoked hearings about the novel. After parting Anastasia Reshetova and Timati their child remained to live with mother. The model was engaged in education of the boy, and the rapper visited them. Over time Anastasia Reshetova became...
Anastasia Reshetova
Last position: Model
Timur Yunusov (Timati)
Last position: Singer, musical producer
Abdulova Alexandra
Meshina Julia