Montenegro threatened with "a red card"

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EU made the rigid prevention Montenegro who was all last years among the Balkan countries a leader in the course of eurointegration. Brussels threatened to suspend the entry of the republic into EU if it does not normalize in the next few days activity the key state institutes, first of all the Constitutional vessels, and will not organize early parliamentary elections. Montenegro can already show "A red card" in a week. With details from Podgorica — the correspondent newspaper "Kommersant" on the Balkans Sysoev Gennady. Chapter Ministry foreign affairs of Republic Slovenia Tatyana Fayon Photo: Virginia Mayo / information agency "Associated Press" Rigid...
Zhozep Borrel Fontelyes
Last position: High Representative for foreign affairs and security policy (YESVS)
Tatyana Fayon
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Slovenia)
Dritan Abazovich
Last position: Prime minister (Government Montenegro)
Milo Dzhukanovich
Last position: President of Montenegro (Prezident Montenegro)