"If you love someone, you after all do not love separately a hand, a foot or an ear"

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The song "I Russian" performed by the most popular actor of 2022 was the first song which Russians heard in 2023 on TV channel "Pervy kanal" right after the festive address of the president, peal of bells and the country anthem. His name is Shaman, and now it is in big concert tour over the country. Barabanov Boris asked Jaroslaw Dronov (such is a real name of the performer) on the nature of a patriotic song, on the relations with Alla Pugacheva and the conflict to "The Russian radio". Photo: Buzhor Irina, newspaper "Kommersant" — Journalists often pay attention that winners or simply bright characters...
Alla Pugacheva
Last position: Singer, composer-song writer
Jaroslaw Dronov (SHAMAN)
Last position: Singer, musician, composer
Maxime Aleksandrovich Fadeev
Last position: Musical producer, composer, director, singer
Oleg Gazmanov
Last position: Singer, composer
Alexander Gudkov
Last position: Leader of the comic show "Fight with Gyorls" (LLC "Television broadcasting company Pyatnitsa")
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