In Sevastopol summed up the results of 2022 in cultural and spiritual spheres

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Hundred excursions, concerts, exhibitions and master classes carried out sevastopolets in 2022. It was declared Year of a cultural heritage. The results were summed up by Chernetskaya Olga. One of cards Sevastopol — Chembalo's fortress. 10 years surrounded it the construction woods. But at the beginning of a year a historical dominant from them exempted. Scientists from "Chersonese Taurian" are sure, differently fortress could not pass new tests by the Crimean weather. "The emergency woods were actually removed from the western curtain, from a tower. Well, and our employees, naturally, conduct work for fortress maintenance. For preservation...
Chernetskaya Olga
Morozova Helena
Alieva Elina
Kostsyushko Carl
Government Agency