Head of the Gagauzsky autonomy Irina Vlakh: the central authorities Moldova established authoritarian regime

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The head of the Moldavian Gagauzsky autonomy Irina Vlakh commented on the decision of the authorities Moldova to forbid Russian-speaking TV channels. "Unfortunately, today to Moldova behind a mask of democracy (the president. — ) Maia Sandu established to TV channel "RT". Irina Vlakh noted that the ruling "Solidarity and Action" Party calls into question ability of citizens "to distinguish white and black, the truth and fiction, information and misinformation". Earlier official representative Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Russian Federation Maria Zakharova declared that the suspension of licenses of Russian-speaking channels to Moldova is...
Maria Zakharova
Last position: Director of the department of information and press (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)
Irina Fyodorovna Vlakh
Last position: Bashkan ATO Gagauzia (Government of the Republic of Moldova)
Maia Sandu
Last position: President of the Republic of Moldova (President Moldova)