It is impossible to attract, to forbid entrance - it is possible: Latvia made the decision on Korostelev Aleksey

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The authorities Latvia made the decision on the journalist of "Rain" * to Korostelev Aleksey. It is impossible to make responsible it, but to forbid entry into the country it is possible. The initiative to forbid Korostelev Aleksey entry into Latvia belonged to Service of state security Latvia. It arrived on December 6. The offer Kristap Eklons considered chapter Ministries of Internal Affairs. "Eklons entered in a so-called black list of the former leader TV channel "Dozhd" * Korostelev Aleksey which statements about support of the Russian army caused scandal and led to cancellation of the license of "Rain" * to Latvia", - writes Novostnoy portal Delfi. To make responsible to Latvia...