Biathlon. Dimitri Nikolaevich Lazovsky shared the photo of poor meal at a stage of the Cup Russian Federation in Uvat

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The national team Belarus on biathlon transferred the base from Khanty-Mansiysk to the settlement Uvat where on December 1 starts the second stage of the Cup Russian Federation. The Belarusian athlete Dimitri Nikolaevich Lazovsky published in hundred-rice website "Instagram" the photo with a poor set of food on the "Soviet" trays. The macaroni, the packaged tea, orange … At the vis-a-vis Dimitri Nikolaevich Lazovsky on a tray it was noticed also a roll. The network resource "Biathlon Online" specified that on a photo the dinner was presented. Anton Smolsky and Dinara Alimbekova will live in Uvat in Grand hotel. Other national team Belarus — in usual...