Likhachev Jaroslaw: since the childhood zarubalis with Vasilii Aleksandrovich Podkolzin, he is the courageous guy

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The forward of Khabarovsk "Cupid" Likhachev Jaroslaw told about rivalry with Vasiliya Vasilii Aleksandrovich Podkolzin. - You were the best goal-scorer of the Open championship Moscow. With whom you then zarubalis? - With Vasilii Aleksandrovich Podkolzin and Chernoy Alexander, which now in "Hummock". Vasilii Aleksandrovich Podkolzin played for "Polar bears", then for "Hero". Chernoy Alexander - for TSSKA. We regularly were in top-3 goal-scorers, partly competed among themselves. - How your meetings took place? Reached fights, skirmishes? - No, certainly! - And here Vasilii Aleksandrovich Podkolzin in National Hockey League fights … - I saw consequences and. Well to tell? Swell. Vasilii Aleksandrovich Podkolzin since the childhood very courageous guy, with...