Recep Erdogan declared that new operation Turkey can capture Kobani, Manbidzh and Tell-Rifaat

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President of Turkey Recep Erdogan told that his country, at the beginning of new cross-border operation, will be ready "to clear of terrorists" three Syrian cities. About it reported information agency "ITAR-TASS". The speech about the cities of Kobani, Manbidzh and Tell-Rifaat. "We already created part of a safe corridor with help cross-border operations. We will be engaged in the rest gradually" — Recep Erdogan explained. About possible plans the Turkish head of state told when acted in parliament. On November 20 Ministry national defense Turkey informed on the operation "Claw sword" beginning. Ankara considers Kurdistan Workers' Party to Syrie...
Recep Erdogan
Last position: President of the Republic of Turkey (President of Turkey)
Political ideology:Socialism, Kurdish Nationalism, Maoism, Communism, Marxism-Leninism, social democracy, Socialism of 21 centuries.