The national team Denmark could not beat Governorate of Tunis in a World Cup match

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On November 22 in Doha on stadium "Edyukeyshn Siti Stedium" the national team played Denmark in a match of the first round of a group stage of the World Cup of 2022. The main time of a meeting came to the end with the score 0:0. Yellow cards received Kristensen Rasmus, Yensen Mathias and Takha Yassin Khenissi. The match was served by team of arbitrators led by Dzhordzh Ramos. Assistants to the main thing of judges — Maureen Alberto and Ernandes Miguel. The reserve arbitrator — Martines Juan Munuera. Line-ups: Denmark: Shmeykhel, Andersen, Kyer (Yensen Mathias, 65’), Mel, Kristensen Rasmus, Kristensen Rasmus, Dileyni (Damsgor, 46’)...
Takha Yassin Khenissi
Last position: The professional athlete on soccer (Football club "al-Kuveyt")
Edyukeyshn Siti
Kristensen Rasmus
Yensen Mathias
Maureen Alberto